This site is a quick guide to the three major adhesive tapes you'll find for hair extensions.

No Shine Adhesive Tape1No-Shine - This is my personal favorite, although it's not the easiest to apply. It's got the longest hold time, and cleans up well. You can't go wrong with No-Shine.
Application: Cleanup: Hold Time: Average: 4.7

ProFlex Adhesive Tape2ProFlex II - This is a close second to No-shine, and is actually easier to apply. The reason it's not my favorite is No-Shine holds a bit longer. If that's not important to you, and you want your client back sooner anyway, this would be your tape.
Application: Cleanup: Hold Time: Average: 4.5

Ultra-Hold Adhesive Tape3Ultra Hold Tape - This stuff is strong and flexible. If you need to hold up a long heavy hair weft this would be a good choice. The only catch with this tape is it's a little tricky to apply. For instance when I'm using the hair extension tape tabs and a bit gets stuck to my nail... I have to throw the tab away. For the right application though, this stuff is amazing.
Application: Cleanup: Hold Time: Average: 4.5

These tapes come in rolls and precut tape tabs. I prefer the tape tabs, but that's because I use the same extension size every time. If you use different length hair wefts you'll have to go with rolls.
Hair Extension Tape Rolls

Extensiion ReleaseRemember, you'll need liquid solvents to remove this stuff. I prefer Extension Release because it's alcohol based, no residue. Walker Tape makes it.

I hope this helps you to compare the different hair extension tapes. If you want more info and you're licensed, buy direct from the manufacturer, it will save you bundles. Visit for more info.

If you're not in business I would buy from or